Seminar Announcement: "Applications of Digital transformation in Collaborative education, e-Health and e-Government”


We are happy to extend an invitation to the Science and Research Seminar held by Dr. Martin Žagar, on the topic "Applications of Digital transformation in Collaborative education, e-Health and e-Government”.

Seminar will be held on Tuesday, April 30, 12:00-13.30 at VC room in Zagreb andmeeting room in Dubrovnik.

Short abstract: Digital transformation of different business fields is not more just a buzzword. This seminar will show an example of collaborative education. Conducting a single course across international boundaries impacts both the students and the instructors.

 Interestingly, many of the impacts are the same. In essence, while the international team of students is working on their project, the international team of instructors is working on their own project—the course itself. Furthermore, an example of contactless

 surgery will be presented as a showcase of e-Health applications. This seminar will conclude with an example of National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS), as a key enabling factor for the development of user-oriented public electronic services.

 Its role is to manage the identities in the electronic government ecosystem in the Republic of Croatia.



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