Seminar Announcement: The path from Big Data to Precision Medicine

We are happy to announce and to invite you on our next Science and Research Seminar that will be held by our Alumni  Mateo Sokač on the topic "The path from Big Data to Precision Medicine”.

Seminar will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 16:30-18.00 at VC room in Zagreb and Room 15 in Dubrovnik.

Abstract: Personal medicine or also known as precision medicine is crucial for medical staff, providing information how and when to intervene. With the recent advancements in high-throughput profiling technologies, collections of large study cohorts, and the developments of data mining algorithms, big data in biomedicine (bioinformatics) is expected to provide novel insights into health and disease states, which can be translated into personalized disease prevention and treatment plans. However, the human body contains the amount of data that is measured in petabytes, which makes it complicated to store, analyze or interpret. Working with human genome is intertwined with many fields of science making this process extremely difficult but also interesting to be part of.



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