My Charity auction organizing experience at RIT Croatia

By Josip Franjičević

December 2018

It’s 4:39. Charity auction starts in less than 2 and a half hours. 
I have to be honest about this thing. For those of you that do not know or haven’t heard of Charity auction: it’s an event that the RIT’s Student Government hosts once a year. They contact the firms, requesting their products which they then give out as a donation. We collect the items and sell them on the auction. All the money goes to the charity. This year it’s gonna be "Mali Zmaj”. I am really excited right now. Maybe because I’m falling in love with the college or because I am one of those amitious freshmen students who think they are gonna grow very big. Time will tell. If you keep reading, you’ll find out how I got into this meeting room I am into now and how I started writing this little story.

I have never hosted such a big event.

Being a part of this community, family and the Student Government are simply kind of special. About an hour ago while I was getting ready for the thing my mom told me that I have not talked to her since yesterday. I guess it is because of the event we are hosting today. As I am writing this, Daniel, the Vice President of the Student Government is making some final improvements to the presentation. I played us a song from the good times.

4:55 PM. I am embarrassed to say, but it’s 7:33. We still haven’t started. The amount of stress and excitement is indescribably high. Sven, ex-president of the SG, now alumni, opened up by telling a word or two about Foreo products. He is a funny guy from Sweden, always putting a lot of humor in whatever he does. "This will help you, it helps with this and that" were the common words. Every 5 minutes another professor would walk in.

The one joining us right now is professor Puškarić. Dr. Drašković is standing right next to me, listening to everything, commenting and always taking many things into calculation before making a decision or raising a hand. I could have learned a lot of things, but I had to be focused on writing. Every moment a lot of students are walking in. First Foreo product sold for 1000 kunas. A big applause for a good start.

A philosopher just walked in, with a big philosophical smile on his face. Another product sold, this time to the Dean. One of the best-rated professors, K. Tabak is kind of waiting for a special thing, you can see it in his smile, because world is a comedy to those who think, you know what they say. Niko, president of the SG came from Dubrovnik with his colleague Andrea - seems like they are enjoying being part of the second charity auction this year. As the times go by, it clearly looks like we’re going to hit a big amount of money this year.

Weekend House Bubek, item n.7 - Dr. Tabak voted. He got it. A couple of items sold by Daniel and then Lena and then Daniel again. Daniel seems to have better attention of the audience while selling, instead of Lena who is really trying to speak loudly. She is being kind of successful though people seem to smile and bid when she is up presenting.

T-shirt signed by Bojan Bogdanović - sold for 450 kunas. There is constantly this tense atmosphere like everybody is stressed out and chilled at the same time.
The best thing is that the Dean is acting like he is one of the students - he talks to everybody, smiles and enjoys being part of this family, huge RIT family. 

I am so proud to be writing about this. Seriously, this is a big thing for me, as well as for every student here. It’s not about the items, but about the money that goes to charity. Moreover, this really shows what a family we are. 8:38 PM. When I come home it’s probably gonna be late, my mom sleeping, so I am going to tell her in the morning that I got another family, but a good one. Daniel announced a little break, so I’m sitting in the back of a cafe, in the corner. I am using this time to talk to Daniel. I told him that the faculty likes him for now, says he’s doing a great job. We’re discussing what will be the money barrier. We decided to put it on 1500 kunas. Once we hit that number,

Daniel, the VP of the SG has to dress funny so that people can laugh. Professors are literally giving money as a donation, just to see him dressed up differently. It’s the time, Daniel is changing his outfit. Everybody is drinking their Colas, juices, eating some snacks. Some of the people are even saying this is the best Charity Auction so far. It really is a subjective thing but speaking of the facts like money raised, fun had, smiles made and laughs heard - we are killing it.

Literally. Now I just remembered one specific thing that happened to me a couple of days ago. I got it out of my mind because there was a big noise coming from the front part of the cafe - Daniel is back to selling. This thing kind of teaches us that we are all the same, no matter how we look, what titles we have or the cars

we drive. A funny item called "It’s a phone I swear” - sold. It really was a phone, good deal it was for Dr. Vejzagić. Dean is about to bid. Panoramic flight over Zagreb sold. It is getting really hot in here. I feel like the best part is yet to come.

9:25 PM. I am talking to Martina, an SG member. "I asked professor Tabak what does he think about the event, and he says it’s pretty dope to have this culture and atmosphere going on. Also mentions his huge love for RIT”. I am going to speak to Alice now. I think it’s time to get some feedback on the work I’ve done so far. It seems like she is not here, or I am too busy analyzing items and prices they are being sold at. Sven is on the stage again, while Daniel is saving some energy for the raffle that is going to take place after the auction is over, in about 15 minutes.

The auction is about to finish, Christmas music is playing. The Dean is dancing with his colleagues, as well as students. The number of smiling faces is rising, as well as the money - we have raised roughly 19,000 kunas. Andrea from Dubrovnik campus just told me: "you have to mention me in your story”, so here’s the shout-out for you Andrea. Hope to see you at the Spring semester team building.

I am about to leave. I gotta admit it was a good night. Raffle thing happened really fast. Daniel and all the SG members went to the back room. We all hugged and said congratulations to each other. The money raised is roughly19 000 kunas.

11:31 PM. I believe it’s time I put an end to this story. Long life to RIT Family!


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