Family Feud at RIT Croatia – it was all about service this time :)

March 6, 2019

Last week ended on a high note at the Dubrovnik campus, with RIT Croatia Family Feud’s first round taking place on Friday, March 1. In case you are wondering what is Family Feud, continue reading :)

Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) Croatia chapter, a student run hospitality honorary society, has organized the first ever RIT Croatia Family Feud, a competitive game between the two student teams. The teams competed on the topic of "Service”, one of the five pillars of the ESD as a society. The game is based on a survey of a 100 RIT Croatia Dubrovnik students.

The teams consisted of four students and one professor per each team. Signing up was on a first-come-first-served basis. The spots on the teams were filled quickly, especially when the host of the show was announced to be no other than our beloved, one and only - professor Kevin Walker!

The idea for the event came at one of the ESD meetings, more specifically during the brainstorming session. The ESD members were trying to come up with an event they thought would be interesting for students, and which would be provided as a fun and ongoing event. "We were completely sure that our community needs an event that would bring the positive energy and we were hoping to accomplish this goal by organizing the Family Feud event”, commented Tena Vuković, junior year student and ESD Marketing Manager.

"The organization process lasted for a few weeks. In order for the event to be successful, the first item on the check list was the potential questions. Then we presented the questionnaire of 26 questions to the RIT Croatia's students. Based on the responses we had got from the students, we chose a few questions that got the best feedback. The ESD's marketing was in charge of raising awareness and attracting the potential competitors. All of the members were involved in the final preparations, such as additional marketing, the room setup, rewards and additional surprises for our teams and audience” Tena continued to explain.

ESD engaged with the rest of the students through social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. They continuously posted the poster for the event, as well as the updates and reminders for the event. In addition, ESD members engaged in the word of mouth marketing as well, and one of the examples would be the promotion of the event while giving out the questionnaires.

"ESD received great feedback from the student body. Students enjoyed such an event, and are looking forward to the next one, as well as to the other events that ESD might plan out. Besides the Family Feud event, ESD plans to organize a round table/panel discussion, possibly with the RIT Croatia's Alumni, and people that influence the service industry in some way. Furthermore, we plan to organize an event that would promote the service industry and what we stand for, the so-called Pineapple Event. Moreover, we are looking into organizing an event in partnership with other higher institutions in the city (still a potential event)”, Tena concluded.

The topic of the next Family Feud will be "Leadership” - stay tuned, RIT Croatia!


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