Zagreb campus Played to Win with Bagatin Akademija

February 8, 2019

At RIT Croatia we are always excited about new learning experiences, working with people from diverse communities and learning from their experiences. And you know what happens when you get 4 industry experts sharing their knowledge on the importance of soft skills? Play to Win conference delivered by Bagatin Akademija happens, that's what. This unique „mini" conference took place on February 4th on our Zagreb campus. The room was full, the students were very engaged and active during the two hour event. And how could they not when they had the following experts talk about the most important skills of present & future jobs:

  • Jelena Vukmirica Makovičić talked about the power of first impression focusing on the importance of non-verbal communication, verbal communication and content of the communication.
  • Fran Mikulčić talked about job hunting and organized a really interesting presentation using three students to present his teachings to the group. Mr. Mikulčić discussed the importance of being persistent, both in looking for a job and during the interview, as well as the power of networking.
  • Ognjen Bagatin delivered a very inspiring and insightful presentation on how to be a leader, entrepreneur and manager. He transformed family polyclinic into one of the fastest growing health companies on the market with almost 100 employees; the most inspiring aspect of his presentation was importance of learning from one’s mistakes and knowing that things never go according to plan!
  • Matej Sakoman talked about specific roles we all play at work and had an important message: We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game!

The topics covered in this conference are a great preparation tool for our upcoming Career Education Day! Bagatin Akademija made sure they filmed everything, so if you're curious, click here.

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