Experiential learning in beautiful scenery of Dubrovnik area

December 10, 2018

As a part of the course Scientific Inquiries in Environmental Science, taught by prof. Marlena Ćukteraš, students from Dubrovnik campus had two field trips this semester. The goal was to investigate Dubrovnik area throughout the borders of former Dubrovnik Republic, in order to see how it managed to sustain itself for centuries with the help of natural resources. The first field trip was to the area of Ston where students visited the Salt Works Ston (Solana u Stonu) and learned about the economic value of salt in the past. Students also visited Malostonski zaljev and peninsula of Pelješac where they learned about the biological diversity in the ecosystems of the sea, the river and the mountain and their current anthropogenic impact.

The second field trip was in the area of Konavle where the Dubrovnik Republic and people in the city got their food and water. Besides visiting good examples of sustainable development at Kojan Coral and Cadmos Village estates, students visited the river Ljuta and have tested the quality of water by examining its physico-chemical characteristics (temperature, pH, clearness, etc.). Students also observed the flora and fauna in and around the river. Students were divided into groups and they were given assignment to do SWOT analysis of the area and to recommend the activities to be done for the purpose of supporting sustainable development.


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