ERASMUS Exchange: Expanding Horizons and Experiencing More!

November 10, 2018

Through the Erasmus program of the EU, and RIT Croatia’s agreements with universities throughout Europe, students and professors have the opportunity to study and teach for a full semester in Turkey, Germany, France, Poland, and Italy. Erasmus also brings students and professors from all over Europe to join us for a semester, and enrich our community with their languages, cultures and ideas. 
Living and studying in a new country is a whole education in itself, and the opportunity to absorb new languages and cultures, and meet new friends can be an unforgettable and even life-changing experience. In addition, while studying abroad through Erasmus exchange, students have a wide choice of courses that fulfill the requirements for their degree program at RIT Croatia, all for the same tuition cost that they would pay staying in Croatia.

 "My international experience is very different from studying at home, but different is good! You grow as a person, explore new horizons and see everything in new perspectives. The best things about studying abroad are people, new places and different cultures - these are what you will remember forever,” said Jovana Ivanovic, a hospitality student from the Dubrovnik campus who is spending the fall semester at La Rochelle Business School in France. "On the other hand you learn to adapt to new ways of studying and living, and different kinds of people.” 

Erasmus exchange is not only for study, it’s also for work and training. RIT Croatia students can apply for traineeships from two to 12 months throughout Europe. Zagreb IB student Tea Franjić spent last summer on an Erasmus trainee exchange in Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium, for the International School Sports Federation.

"I love Croatia, but I also love expanding my horizons and experiencing more,” she said. "Being alone and far from everything you know makes you get to know yourself even more. What I feel right now is just a huge motivation to learn as much as I can about the sports industry and how it functions. Also, to meet many interesting people and stay in contact with them. In the end, everybody you meet in your life will affect you and will bring you new knowledge.”
International exchange through the Erasmus program isn’t just beneficial for students, it’s also a great opportunity for professors to develop their teaching skills. Professor Evelina Miscin, who teaches English at the Zagreb campus, recently spent a semester exchange teaching writing, critical reading, and business English at Korkut Ata University in Osmaniye, Turkey. 
"The campus is quite vast and impressive. All the professors were very hospitable, offering me their traditional tea. They showed me around the campus, introducing to their colleagues and the rector,” she said. 

"I was surprised to learn that English is not an obligatory subject, so only a small number of students in Turkey study it, as they find it quite difficult. I exchanged some ideas with their professors and we are still in touch. Also, a few students expressed their wish to come to Croatia or other European countries for the Erasmus exchange. All in all, Erasmus is a challenging experience both for students and teachers. You come to a new country, meet new cultures, and experience both good and bad things. I learned how to adjust my teaching methods to new and unexpected circumstances and met a lot of new colleagues who work in a different environment.” 

Interested in learning more about Erasmus opportunities at RIT Croatia? Contact our Erasmus Manager, Christina Pejic. As she says, "Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. " (Roy T. Bennett).

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