Alum art exhibition: Visit the metaphysical landscape of Alen Botica!


It is so amazing to watch the versitility of our alumni. Not only have they developed successful business careers in different fields, industries and countries, but they also (continue to) develop very interesting hobbies and personal interests.


Our HTM alum, Alen Botica works as a Team Leader of the Croatian SOLVIT Centre and at the same time, he loves to paint. As an artist, Alen mastered a distinct style of painting. His works predominantly span motifs of the sea and the universe, which evoke a feeling in the viewer of something known and yet far away. His inspiration comes from nature, science, PC games and cartoons. The paintings can take you on a walk through a metaphysical landscape reflecting the microcosm and macrocosm, the fragmented sea flora and fauna. Deep and mature and at the same time somewhat childish style is achieved by a combination of drawing and painting techniques. To produce his paintings, he mixes pastels, acrylic, markers, gel sticks and experiments with other media. Varieties of shades of pastel blue are often contrasted by bright fluorescent colors. Some work is dominated by darker tones, irresistibly reminiscent of the world of cyberpunk or the motifs of modern CERN. There are also the motifs of cities, which you can easily connect with his childhood Korčula, and other cities that are portrayed from different aspects. Alen is quite private as an artist and always leaves the interpretation of his work to his audience.


This young artist is currently exhibiting 41 artworks at a beautiful cafe Kavana Lav (Opatička 2) in Zagreb Upper Town, which is just a few steps away from the Stone Gate. The paintings are exhibited until 1 December 2018. You can follow Alen’s progress via .

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