Ms. Anja Marković from Bonsai Association held a lecture on sustainable volunteering

October 31, 2018

On Tuesday, October 30, we had a pleasure of hosting a guest speaker during the Year One class at the Dubrovnik campus. Ms. Anja Marković, Executive Director of the Volonterski centar Dubrovnik/Bonsai Association, was invited by professor Milena Kužnin to deliver a lecture on sustainable volunteering and the importance of volunteering, especially for undergraduate students. Ms. Marković will also work with RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus on our service learning/community project for the next semester.

Service learning is not identical to volunteering – it is a joint effort from both the faculty and students with community representatives in structured activities to meet the learning objectives set by the higher education and the program of study. Also, service learning is not the same as internship as service learning is more about the civic engagement and reflection about the need to give back and connect to the community.

"The lecture that was held today by Ms. Marković held a great deal of meaningful messages about the importance of lifelong service learning and continuous volunteering that we wish to implement into our students’ mindset.  We hope that Ms. Marković will be able to assist us in identifying the community representatives that would be willing to cooperate with us in the future”, commented professor Kužnin.

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