October 18, 2018

Our students have various curricular and extracurricular activities and opportunities at their hand which help them grow and develop their knowledge and various skills. One of the popular activities are our student clubs. Ranging from sports to even blockchain technology, our students have versatile interests – and that diversity really reflects what our community is all about :).

Last year, the students decided to start a new tradition – an organization of an annual student clubs fair with a purpose to promote the clubs in general and show students how they can benefit from being a club member.

Donika Kristaj and Azra Hodo, our IB students are among the students behind this idea. Donika got involved by co-founding the basketball club and later on, the popular Business Environment Exploration (BEE) club that focuses on providing students the opportunity to visit companies, ie learn more about their business from their experts, in their field. Donika shares her learning experience: „I learned that the teamwork and delegating is the most important part of working on a project. And starting of with smaller project really helps, because you make small mistakes and learn from them. This is the skill I developed most, learning from my mistakes."

Why should students attend the fair? Azra explains: „You should visit the Club Fair because our students organized an interesting event that will bring you closer to the clubs and organizations. You will be able to meet with the founders and members of clubs and get a firsthand look to what all of these clubs are really about!"

This Friday, our Zagreb campus will have a full-day event. Starting at 2.30 pm and ending at 6 pm, our students have prepared some really interesting workshops, club presentations and even 2 panels. If you wish to learn more about each club, click on the link below:

 2.30 pm - 5.15 pm Student clubs presentations:

 3.00 pm - 3.30 pm  How to properly plan and develop your Career?
  • A workshop by RIT Croatia Career Services
 4.50 pm - 5.20 pm  Study on 3 continents? – panel
  • RIT Croatia students have an opportunity to study on RIT's campuses
      in Rochester and Dubai. Our student Lena Al-Haji shares her experience.
 5.20 pm - 6.00 pm  What does it take to become an entrepreneur? – panel
  • So, you're thinking about starting your own business and seek information 
      and advice how to do it? Our students and successful entrepreneurs,
      Sabedin Rahi and Vita Friščić share their stories

If you're a student, we look forward to seeing you. If you are a potential student or simply interested to see what our club fair looks like, you are more than welcome to come; please contact us at admissions@croatia.rit.edu .

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