Seminar Announcement: Mateo Sokač on "Bioinformatics Big Data/MachineLearning"

We are happy to announce and to invite you on our next Science and Research Seminar that will be held by our Alumnus (for the first time we have a student seminar talk). Mateo Sokač will hold a seminar on the topic of "Bioinformatics Big Data/MachineLearning”.

Seminar will be held on Friday, Oct 19, 17.30-19.00 at VC room in Zagreb and Room 16 in Dubrovnik.

More on Mateo Sokač ant the topic:

Mateo Sokač was a part of RIT Croatia one year ago as an IT student. His passion towards biology (medicine) and technology drove him to Aarhus, Denmark where he started his Masters degree in the field of Bioinformatics. Currently, he is employed by Aarhus University as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. The topics that he wants to cover on the seminar and briefly discuss can be summarized in the following paragraph:

We are in the era of Big Data, where data is generated every day and it is growing. Since computing power is exponentially growing, we can use data and information from the past in order to learn something for the future events. Big data source that I am focused on can be found in, DNA/RNA sequences, medical images, different medical tools and others... Using this approach and focusing on those fields and measures we are entering in the world of Bioinformatics and personalized medicine. Both of those fields are very interdisciplinary oriented, and people are needed from all sectors. To conclude I would like to share few new technologies that are developed in those fields from the perspective of computer science.

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