Mr. Ken Medanic spoke on the topic of "Paradigm-shifting the financial markets using biodata and machine learning”

September 26, 2018

On September 25 we had the honor of hosting Mr. Ken Medanic, the CEO of NeuroTrader, who gave a guest lecture on the topic "Paradigm-shifting the financial markets using biodata and machine learning” to our Web and Mobile Computing students. The lecture was held at our Dubrovnik campus and the Web and Mobile Computing students from our Zagreb campus were connected via Polycom system.

Most seasoned traders and portfolio managers are familiar with the mental biases, behavioral tendencies and emotional responses that affect daily trading and investment decisions. This dynamic interplay sculpts and forms our decision-making style overtime by developing within us patterns of behavior which may or may not be useful in an ever-changing and volatile market. Despite the advent of algorithmic and high-frequency trading, human design and intervention is at the very basis of these systems and therefore they too incorporate our perceptual biases and decision limitations. Given this, how do we create automated decision-making models that correlate to market fluctuations, are tailored to the each individual trader and facilitate decision-making responses commensurate with an optimal biological state, thereby mitigating sub-optimal decision responses and improving financial rates of return?

What is NeuroTrader?

NeuroTrader is a software and hardware solution that integrates the biological responses of the trader with price and market sentiment. Integrating the psychophysiological state of the trader into a trading platform enables us the opportunity of recognizing optimal and sub-optimal biological decision-making states with which we can create unique individual trader performance profiles and automate buy and sell orders as a function of risk management.

What is the paradigm-shift?

The commonly held belief is that the financial markets are random and as such cannot be interpreted in a timely manner to produce consistent positive rates of return. Those individuals that do produce consistent returns above those of the benchmark indices are considered anomalies.

The truth is that our decisions create our reality and our decisions are a biological response to stimuli. Utilizing Newton’s three laws of motion and applying them to the biological responses of traders we can gauge a clearer understanding of the dynamic cause and effect relationship between the financial markets and the human body thereby giving us the unique opportunity to map the responses and replicate them to mitigate losses and optimize gain.

About Ken Medanic:

Ken Medanić has been trading the financial markets since 1998 whilst at university majoring in finance and financial law. At that time he developed a software program that managed a portfolio of futures contracts, producing an annualized return of 88.7%. In 2008, after years of research, he discovered how his biological responses correlated with his trading performance. In 2009, he commenced a privately funded research initiative integrating his research with the technologies established by Dr. Demichelis of AC Milan, developing the most advanced biodata-based trading system in the world.
Early this year, he launched NeuroTrader the first trading solution, that integrates the traders bio-data using wearable technology to improve their performance by training them to perform at a professional level commensurate with trading success.

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