Croatian in Rochester: Studying in America is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

It is end of March. Most of RIT Croatia students attend classes in Croatian campuses, and Matej, from Zagreb campus, is starting his day in Rochester, almost 7,000 kilometers away from home. He is one of our students who took the opportunity to experience studying on an American campus.

"My name is Matej Žagar and I am junior student of Information Technology / Web and Mobile Computing program in Zagreb campus. I came to Rochester in mid-January. It's great and I'm really delighted with everything except that winter lasts for far too long. I am satisfied with the way of work, organization and engagement of professors. Studying itself feels almost the same as in Zagreb because RIT Croatia meets the standards Rochester requires from its global campuses. I like student life on campus, a large number of students and a great selection of various activities in one place. There are plenty of opportunities to gain experience and knowledge, just have to have the will. "

RIT Croatia: Different from Day 1

"I knew about RIT Croatia before I enrolled because my older brother studied International Business at the Zagreb campus," continues Matej. "Besides, I've heard that they have an excellent IT / Web and Mobile Computing program. I decided to enroll at RIT and I did not regret it. I like the American system much better anyway; for example, I like that that during the whole semester we work on numerous tasks, projects and exams and all of that affects the final grade. Another great thing is that each student must have a minimum of 800 hours of relevant work experience and you cannot graduate without that! This also helps us acquire an array of skills that we need when looking for a job. "

All of RIT Croatia students have an opportunity to spend 1 or 2 semesters at RIT campuses in Rochester and Dubai. Matej chose to go to Rochester: "I've always wanted to study at least one semester abroad and now it finally came true! The main campus is located in Rochester, New York. The campus is huge and well organized, with so many majors, courses, activities, etc. This whole system works very well. There is a lot of opportunity for work at the campus, and it is very well organized. Salaries for student jobs are great when compared to Croatian standards. I study and work here: I started working for the catering of a restaurant on campus where I help organize various events. "

I plan to start my career - maybe in America!

Matej lives on campus, in an apartment for international students and shares it with 3 other RIT Croatia students: "We really get along and they are a good company. We also met other people in this short time and made friends with people from different parts of the world!" The day starts with lectures in class and most of the classes include a 10 minutes walk from the apartment. After class, Matej works on projects. In his free time he and his roommates play billiard and social games, PlayStation or watch TV.

"I used the Spring Break to travel to Houston and visit my family," says Matej: „I also went to New York City for a couple of days." Rochester is the third largest city in the New York state, and it's just a six-hour drive from New York City. Matej is delighted with the city and intends to return. After he graduates, he plans to continue education, but also start his career: "Maybe even in America.

When it comes to studying abroad, Matej gives it thumbs up: „I would definitely recommend spending at least a semester in the US. It really is a great experience and brings many benefits! "

RIT Croatia. Different from Day 1.

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