Written by Donika Kristaj and Azra Hodo


BEE Club

Business Environment Exploration (BEE) Club is a student club at RIT Croatia. Our activities throughout the academic semesters consist of research, fundraising, building our networks, working with academic staff and other students, and event planning; all with one main goal we work towards. This goal is to take a full bus of students to a company outside of Croatia in order to meet their company culture, see how their business works, find out more about the innovative techniques in doing business and to make new connections for our future careers.


In April 2018, BEE Club took students to Bratislava to meet International Business Machine (IBM), accompanied by professor Jesus Cazares. We were very well welcomed to their company where they offered coffee and sandwiches for all of our tired students after the 7 hour trip. The first presentation we had was held by Lenka Kanisova where she told us more about IBM in a very engaging and interesting way. After that Matus Tvrdon held a presentation on agility, how they incorporate it in their day-to-day ways of doing business and how we can implement it in our careers.

IBM welcome

Towards the end of our visit, we were grouped in groups of 6-7 students and sat down for a speed networking session with IBM’s top 6 managers in Bratislava. We had the opportunity to ask any questions to every one of them for 5 minutes with each. Human resources representatives were also in the room with us and we were more than welcome to meet them and explore our co-op opportunities at IBM.

After the speed networking session, we had an office tour with Emanuele Terenzani who showed us 2016 CBRE‘s Office of the Year awarded part of the building. It was very exciting to be able to see this office and hear all about the smart designs and features implemented. Ivana Primorac also joined our students at the office tour and answered all the questions we had, and it was very encouraging to see that the office hires international employees, and one of them was Ivana from Croatia.

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