Great results from the Career Education Day(s) 2018!

18 years ago RIT Croatia (ACMT at that time) pioneered with the Career Education day concept in the immediate region. Focused on preparing students for future careers, ACMT came up with a platform to help them connect and network with their (future) employers. 2018. was a record year – we've had over 1,000 participants and 73 companies on both of our CED events!

Dubrovnik CED event took place on February 28th while the event in Zagreb took place on Thursday, March 22nd. Both events are held outside the campus premises and include a full day event of company presentations, interesting panels, interviews with company representatives and workshops for students.

This year's CED events brought in some novelties – the presentations and workshops were custom-tailor made to each year-level needs. In other words, while Freshmen were learning how to prepare for the interview with the employer, Seniors were learning about the negotiations about salary levels, contract details, etc.

The most important part of the CED event is the communication opportunity with the company representatives and the students use them for co-ops, internships and other types of employment. This year however, we also saw students use these opportunities to pitch in their business ideas to companies and see if they can get them to become their clients!

The comments and the feedback are excellent: „The knowledge and skills of your students play the most important role in finding employment and developing a career. The skills of presenting, negotiating and solving problems are some of the important items that students are taught at RIT Croatia. My experience in working with RIT students is only positive; all the students we hired actually possess these skills and it is the employer that helps them develop in the right direction", said Leonardo Buzov Vulas, RIT Croatia Alum, Faculty and the Marketing & Sales Director of Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels.

Vedran Podkrajšek, an HR Advisor from Megatrend Poslovna rješenja added: „I have been a company representative at numerous career day events, but RIT's is definitely the best one! The interest for our company presentation exceeded my expectations (the room was full!) and it was a real pleasure being among those young people. When it comes to your students, we can only say the best: they were actively listening to the presentation and more importantly, they had tons of questions after the presentation which is really rare among the Croatian students; I believe it is the the American way of studying that makes the difference.... Congratulations to all of you at RIT: you can really be proud of your people and the job well done!"

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