Seminar Announcement: Dr. Peter Schmidt on "BlockChain Technology”

We are happy to announce and to invite you on our next Science and Research Seminar delivered by Dr. Peter Schmidt on the topic of "BlockChain Technology”.

Seminar will be held on Friday, March 23, 17.00-18.30 at VC rooms in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

About the topic:

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at RIT Croatia (P. Schmidt)

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a recent innovation that started in 2009. The technology is particularly interesting and significant for RIT Croatia because it may soon prove considerably disruptive both in business and in information technology.

Some compare its innovative potential to the invention of the Internet. In this comparison, blockchain adoption and development today is where the Internet was in the early 1990s. The potential for deep impact on business processes is imminent and already visible now in the dynamic developments in cryptocurrencies during 2017.

Areas that might soon be deeply affected by change are banking, finance, and accounting, but also much more general issues are at stake, such as monetary regulation as a whole. In the IT area, major opportunities lie in the technical realization of blockchain based solutions and user interface design that make the complex cryptographic technology user accessible. The conceivable use of distributed public ledger technology includes virtually any area of business and public life.

I have been researching the technology and its thrilling potential for several months now, attending conferences and workshops, and reaching out to colleagues at the Rochester campus. I want to offer this workshop now to facilitate other interested faculty to get started exploring this fascinating topic. In this seminar, I will present an introduction to the technology and show possible use cases to illustrate possible directions of future developments.

This is an urgent issue that we, as a regionally leading institution of higher education, need to take on immediately. RIT Croatia has a unique chance right now to make a name for ourselves as a pioneer in getting our students prepared for the new opportunities and challenges that blockchain technology offers, and to get our name on the map as a champion of innovation!''

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