Award winning entrepreneur Ms. Jadranka Boban Pejić as a guest speaker at RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus

Yesterday, February 12, Dubrovnik campus had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Jadranka Boban Pejić, the founder and director of Biovega, the leading organic food producer in Croatia. Ms. Boban Pejić is an award-winning entrepreneur and the most successful manager in Croatia in the "Green Economy" field. In agreement with prof. Domagoj Nikolić, Ms. Boban Pejić came to give a lecture on the topic of "The Principles of Management of the Organic Goods" to junior year students as a part of their Hospitality Real Estate and Facility Management course.

In her lecture, Ms. Boban Pejić talked about the philosophy behind the success of Biovega and its influence on the increase of organic food production in Croatia. Students also had the opportunity to learn about the entire process of getting official European Union certificates for organic agriculture, as well as the current state of the organic market in the world in comparison to Croatia.

Ms. Boban Pejić made a connection between tourism and hospitality and the fast growing trend of organic food, as well as with other food trends in the world. As many tourists start having different food requirements, whether it is vegan, gluten free, fresh, raw or simply organic, hotels and restaurants will have to learn how to adapt their food processing, use of space, waste awareness, storing and serving processes, which is all related to facility management.

Ms. Boban Pejić concluded her lecture by stating that the demand for organic food is constantly increasing with raising awareness of the positive environmental and social impact, and she emphasized that "organic is more than just food, it is rather a lifestyle”.


Biovega Company employs close to 200 employees in 17 Bio & Bio stores around Croatia, in "Zrno” eco farm that produces organic food, as well as in organic restaurant "Zrno” in Zagreb with the 1st organic to-go concept in Croatia. You can find out more about the company at the following web site:

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