VIPnet's design thinking workshop for our students

Our Zagreb campus students were in for a treat on Friday November 10th when we welcomed
Mrs. Ana Marija Petričević, Mrs. Mila Perović and Mr. Igor Kranjčec from VIPnet. The trio came to talk about their experiences in Corporate innovations & VIPnet’s Intrapreneurship program; as a member of the Telekom Austria Group, Vipnet has participated in its ‘Empowering ideas – intrapreneurship program’ and our presenters finished that competition as a winning team that continued to work on the program ideas. They talked about what it is like to work as an internal start-up in a big corporation but they also held a workshop about design thinking for our students. "We wanted to show one of the methods of work that we ourselves often use in different situations; design thinking is designing products and processes in a way that addresses existing users' problems. The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness of the opportunities and advantages of such a "non-analytical" way of solving problems, and to show that this process can be fun too!”, said Ana Marija Petričević. The students were very happy with the workshop and gave positive feedback to RIT Croatia’s Career Office. "Yes, the students were very engaged and active from the very beginning. They were on top of things throughout the whole workshop and I would say they appreciated the whole process we led them through – learning about the individual brainstorming about the user, through group brainstorming on the solution to the user’s problem and finally even during the final stage when we challenged our ideas and proposals.”, said Mila Perović.

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