RIT Croatia's Chapter of Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society at the Dubrovnik campus has inducted 12 new members!

Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society at RIT Croatiacelebrated its second year of existence by inducting 12 new members! On December 7, 2017, the induction ceremony took place at the Rixos Libertas Hotel in Dubrovnik. This year, the society inducted 10 students from the Hospitality and Tourism Management program:  Jelena Baričević, Jelena Ćenan, Milica Markoč, Jovana Ivanović, Niko Katušić, Petra Knežević, Mariela Kralj, Belma Sokolović, Antonela Topić and Ana Maria Trojić.

Besides students, two distinguished professionals from the hospitality industry were also inducted: Mr. Ayhan Basci, Cluster General Manager of Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik and Rixos Davos Hotels, and Mr. Leonardo Buzov Vulas, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels, who is also an RIT Croatia alum.

When asked why she considers Eta Sigma Delta as a valuable organization to be a part of, Jovana Ivanović, sophomore year student and one of the inductees, responded: "It is truly an honor to be a member of this organization. I consider it to be very important in terms of promoting its 5 main values: Excellence, Leadership, Creativity, Service and Ethics. Moreover, it is a very good media for showcasing our creativity and progress through various industry related events we plan to organize in the future”.

Mr. Ayhan Basci thinks that Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society is a great idea and supports it fully. "When I was at the same age as the current students of RIT Croatia, I was always wondering how the general manager looks like, I always wanted to be leader and an example to others. As a general manager I wanted to lead people and motivate them to progress.  As a student I was admiring general managers and I always wanted to be like them. For example, when I was younger, one of my general managers were so special for me that I even worried how I will say hello to her each day. I think that it is very interesting and useful to be part of such an organization because it helps students from the beginning. As their mentor, I would like to share my experience, both positive and negative, with the students and members of Eta Sigma Delta so they can learn from it”, says Mr. Ayhan Basci.

"For me, being a distinguished member means first of all an honor.  It is one step closer to supporting students with professional development and to help them clear any doubt where to go in their career. It enables me to help them prepare for the future business environment. And to encourage them to exceed the expectations in any sense”, commented Mr. Leonardo Buzov Vulas.

As the Mentor for RIT Croatia’s chapter of the ESD Society, professor Milena Kužnin said: "It is great to see that the Eta Sigma Delta honorary society is continuing its second year of operations in Croatia. ESD serves as a good point towards how students should behave and try to network with the industry professionals as much as they can in order to gain the knowledge outside in real business world, which is equally important as the knowledge gained in the classroom. ESD membership gives the opportunity to the students to excel in their leadership skills, to build upon creativity, and to form ethical relationships that are meaningful and long lasting both in their personal and professional life”.

RIT Croatia congratulates to all new inductees of the Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society!

You can read more about Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society at:https://www.croatia.rit.edu/eta-sigma-delta-honor-society%20/

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