Mr. Thomas Cashman from Cellusys  as our IT guest speaker at the Dubrovnik campus

Our 7th IT guest lecture at the Dubrovnik campus was held on Monday, November 13th, at 10:00 am in Lab 35. We were honored to host Mr. Thomas Cashman, Senior Software Engineer from Ireland based company called Cellusys that has offices in UAE, Germany, Spain, USA, Thailand and recently Croatia.

Mr. Thomas Cashman, who is currently leading the Cellusys office in Split, came to Dubrovnik to talk about the topic "Why mobile networks need a culture of innovation to combat fraud”.

Mr. Thomas Cashman is a Senior Software Engineer at Cellusys; a signaling engineering company that delivers security, roaming and analytics solutions to the telecoms industry. Specializing in high performance server technologies, Mr. Cashman has spent nearly 10 years working on open-source and enterprise products.

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