Mrs. Doolan from Vlahovic Group discusses the importance of lobbying

This Monday, October 23rd, RIT Croatia students had an opportunity to meet Milly Doolan who has devoted her career to - Government Relations.

Milly holds a Master of Science degree in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her thesis, which focused on the "Americanization” of political campaigns in the context of Croatia’s political system, was published by the Department as an example of the best dissertations written that year.

With a very successful a career in international politics, she talked to students about lobbying. „Lobbying, or Government relations, at first seems somewhat obscure to students. But once the sector is explained through concrete examples that appear in their daily lives, the puzzle pieces come into place. I generally find that students' awareness about lobbying is mostly linked to the United States, which is interesting considering that Brussels is a big legislative and lobbying hub that is closer to Croatia and that has direct links to our laws and regulative frameworks.”

Her (guest) lecture was a part of the Global Business Environment course and a good and interesting experience for both Milly and the students. "I think getting guest lecturers to come in and speak about their own experiences could greatly benefit the students at RIT. For me, it is an opportunity to offer some of my own professional experiences and lessons learned from the business world that can hopefully be of use.”

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