Seminar Announcement: Archaeoastronomy and Archaeoacoustics at Kanda Geoglyph in Macedonia

We are happy to announce and to invite you on our next Science and Research Seminar on the topic of "Archaeoastronomy and Archaeoacoustics at Kanda Geoglyph in Macedonia”.  The speaker is Domagoj Nikolić M.Sc., faculty member at the RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus. The event will take place on November 10th, 11-12.30 am. We will host speaker on our Dubrovnik campus (meeting room), and we will connect Zagreb campus from the meeting room.

Mr. Nikolić will present a research of an ancient site in Macedonia called Kanda Geoglyph conducted by an international multidisciplinary scientific team called SB Research Group using archaeoastronomical, archaeoacoustical and other advanced methods. The research shows that the mound is artificial, with a high probability of hiding a resonant chamber inside. The Geoglyph symbol is an astronomic calendar pointing to the birthday of Alexander the Great.

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