Dubrovnik students performing at the European Day of Languages 2017

European Day of Languages 2017 was marked in Dubrovnik on September 28, 2017, and RIT Croatia students were invited to take part once again. Led by our foreign languages professor Zrinka Friganović Sain, students were performing a role play on the topic "One Day in a Tourist Office”.  More than 10 students played different parts in the role play by using German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian language in order to demonstrate the importance of knowing foreign languages other than English while working in the field of tourism. The role play was well received by the audience and students had a great time doing it. "The purpose of getting involved in this event is to emphasize the need to learn more foreign languages to both the students and the wider audience. Moreover, we wanted for our students to embrace the importance of being active in the community by taking part in various activities, which enhances their learning experience. Our students participating in these sorts of events as it helps to boost their creativity while having fun at the same time” commented prof. Friganović Sain.

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