Mr. Ivanković from Uber as the Next Guest Speaker at Zagreb Campus 

We have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Ivan Ivanković, Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber Croatia, as the next guest speaker at our Zagreb campus. 
When: Friday, September 29th at 2-3 pm (Room 1). 
Lecture topic: Global sharing economy, where Ivan will talk about the global sharing economy and its importance in today's world; how technology is making an impact on a global sharing economy and how it can simplify a business by streamlining the purchase process. He will introduce the topic through Uber examples- a company that created a firestorm in the global sharing economy. 
If you are interested in attending, please sign up at the reception by Thursday, September 28th, 2017 as the number of available seats are limited. 

About the Guest Lecturer: 
Ivan began his career as a consultant for Munich Partners. There he was working on various projects across the Europe. From developing a strategy for the biggest Ukraine telco company Kyivstar to expanding Croatian manufacturer to 10 EU markets, he's specialty was advising boards on how to prepare their companies for the future.Afterwards, he joined Hrvatski Telekom, leading telco company in Croatia. There he was looking for new revenue-generating-initiatives for the group. His biggest project was HT's entering energy retail market. HT's expansion to energy is companies biggest non-core business to date. In parallel to HT, Ivan co-founded company Squee. Squee was a marketplace for beautifully crafted products. During its operations, Squee secured seed investment from the Eleven VC fund. 
Now he is working at Uber as a Operations & Logistics Manager for SEE. Uber is a fast growing company which operates in more than 600 cities and 77 countries. Uber's mission is to provide 'transportation as reliable as running water everywhere for everyone'. He is proud that every day he can help tens of thousands of riders and drivers who use Uber in their daily life. 

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