RIT Croatia students at the Imagine RIT Festival 2017

Each year RIT Croatia rewards our top first-year students by sending them to visit the Rochester campus in spring term, all expenses paid, to take part in the bigImagine RIT Festival (https://www.rit.edu/imagine/). During the visit to Rochester, students take part in a variety of activities, including attending classes, meeting professors and students, a trip to Niagara Falls and participating in the RIT Festival, which can be described as the following: It is a series of exhibits and activities meant to showcase the interesting projects that RIT students and RIT community members have been working on. It is designed to demonstrate what can be accomplished when, as RIT President Bill Destler likes to say, "the right and left brain collide." Visitors have witnessed a robot that serves hot dogs, a concrete canoe that floats and dozens of musical and theatrical performances. Children have made freeze-dried ice cream, test driven Segways and jumped around in a bounce house.

This year’s winners were Belma Sokolović (IHSM), Mateo Lučić (IT Dubrovnik), Lucija Hrastić (IB) and Marin Androš (IT Zagreb).

"Rochester is truly beautiful and it definitely makes me want to come back here to study for a semester. I am much grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the RIT community", said Belma Sokolović.

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