Another successful Community Service Day is behind us in Dubrovnik as it was held on Saturday, March 25th. For this year's community volunteering project, the freshmen students have chosen to volunteer for the elderly community, and they decided to organize this event parallel in two locations: Retirement Homes in Dubrovnik and Mokošica.

Around 70 students, professors and staff members participated in the event. Besides gardening and painting the exterior parts around the homes, this year the special focus was on social interaction with the residents. Therefore, the students organized raffle with symbolic prizes, playing cards, music concert, singing old traditional songs from Dubrovnik region and light exercise for all residents who were able to participate. The socializing segment of this event was especially well received by the residents, who immensely enjoyed singing, playing cards and having fun with our students. Residents of Retirement Home in Dubrovnik had a special surprise for our students as they have put together a funny play which all of the students enjoyed. The day flew buy in a heartbeat with all that fun and positive energy, and all volunteers left with a warm and precious memory of giving back to the community.


Professor Rebecca Charry, who was one of the coordinators of this event, was especially moved by the final outcome. " I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered on Saturday to make our annual Community Service Day a great success. Their enthusiasm, friendliness, talent and hard work were very much appreciated by the residents and staff of the Dom in Pile and Mokošica. I can honestly say that this Community Service Day brought joy to many people and left lasting improvements at both locations that will be appreciated for a long time. Special thanks to all members of our freshman class Executive Committee, who put great effort into all the planning and preparations. They all made me proud to be part of RIT Croatia and I sincerely hope to see many of them again next year!”, said prof. Charry.

Special thanks go to director of Retirement Home, Mrs. Marica Miletić, who was very open to all ideas that student had in order to maximize positive outcomes of this event.

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