17th Career Education Day was held on Wednesday, March 2, 2017 in Hotel Rixos Libertas in Dubrovnik. This event is an integral part of education at RIT Croatia, where students are enabled and encouraged to communicate with representatives of various companies from Croatia and immediate region.

More than 300 people attended this event, and besides direct communication with potential employers, students also had the opportunity to participate in 2 panel discussions that gathered experts from the region. The first panel discussion on the topic „How to Recognize Prospective Employer" was moderated by dr. Besim Agušaj, and the panelists were Ms. Kristina Milković, Head of Talent Aquisition in Zagrebačka banka, Mr. Goran Rihtarić, CED at EX-ALTO and Mr. Mario Majdić Natrlin, PR Manager at Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik. The second panel discussion was on the topic „Internet of Things and Smart Technologies Application in Tourism and Hospitality". This panel was moderated by prof. Domagoj Nikolić and the panelists were marko Zeljko, Startup and Business developlent Manager at Spark, Nikša Vlahušić, Associate at DURA, Arnoud Zaalberg, General Manager at Le Meridien Lav and Andrej Šarić, Co-founder at Enum.

Besides panel discussions, students participated in an interesting workshop „Experiential Marketing vs. Experiential Tourism" led by Goran Hihtarić from EX-ALTO, as well as in the speed networking event designed with the purpose of getting maximum interaction between students and potential employers.

„Career Education Day presents one of the most important traditions for RIT Croatia within its 20 years of doing business in Dubrovnik. Enabling direct communication between students and company representatives from various industries is an imerative when it comes to enhansing students' experience. We believe that higher education process is multidimentional; besides the academic side, there should be a practical component as well, and business networking that CED provides is one of the components that greatly contributes to building

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