Another year is coming to its end, and at RIT Croatia, we have marked the approaching year end with yet another traditional Holiday auction at both campuses. This auction is organized by Student Government members, with the purpose of emphasizing the importance of volunteering and getting back to the community. It is interestign to emphasize that within the 20 years of existing in Croatia, this has been 15th auction for Dubrovnik, and 5th for Zagreb campus.

Dubrovnik campus students have collected 14.500,00 kn during the auction that took place on December 2, and the donation was aimed towards mr. Jakov Bulić from Župa, who was serioucely injured in a car accident. Zagreb campus auction took place on December 9, and the students have chosen to donate the collected amount of 15.600,00 kn to the Childrens' Home in Nazorova, Zagreb, for the purpose of buying equipment for motility development.

The items for auctions were donated by students, faculty and staff members, who later on bided for the donated items at the actual auction. It is important to emphasize that RIT Croatia Alumni, as well as companies that we work with, were also very generous when it comes to donating.

Don Hudspeth, President and Dean of RIT Croatia, stressed out the importance of maintaining this tradition, and said „I am extremely proud of our students. This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of existing in Croatia, and it was truly a pleasure to be able to watch generations of young people, who have approached this event with the same passion and dedication, having in mind the importance of giving back to the community. With this attitude, they are a true inspiration, and I am looking forward to see our future students doing the same thing in the years to come".

Sincere thank you to all parties who donated and who contributed to the great success of these events, we are looking forward to continue with this tradition in the future.

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