MicroBlink, co-owned by Izet Ždralović, created a Software to be used in US Presidential Election

Izet Ždralović, one of RIT Croatia’s Alumni, who is a co-founder of MicroBlink, confirmed that the BlinkID, which is developed by MicroBlink for the purpose of enabling numerous identification documents with OCR recognition or barcodes, is being used in the US Presidential elections.
BlinkID enables users to scan and process identification documents such as passports, ID cards and drivers licenses, in just 3 seconds using a mobile phone. "We have signed contracts with a number of partners in the US, which are private companies or NGOs for the use of this technology. It is important to point out that the market in the US is open in this regard”, explained Ždralović.
Read more at: https://www.croatiaweek.com/croatian-software-to-play-part-in-us-presidential-election/


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