Ms. Viktorija Knežević as a Guest Lecturer at RIT Croatia Dubrovnik Campus

RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus hosted Ms. Viktorija Knežević on Friday, October 21. Ms. Knežević is a lawyer from Dubrovnik, "Business café” franchise bearer for Dubrovnik region and the organizer of TEDx events. Her lecture was a great introduction to the very first TedX event in Dubrovnik, that will be held this Friday, October 28th ,  with a theme "Living Tomorrow”. This event will gather individuals from various walks of life from Dubrovnik area and beyond. RIT Croatia faculty Mrs. Rebecca Charry Roje will hold a speech on the topic of "How we’re creating a brave new English”.
It was interesting and inspiring to hear Ms. Knežević’s story on her own business success and all the challenges in creating the first TedX event in Dubrovnik. Her advice to students was that they need to be brave and ready to take risks and to face failures without being discouraged.

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