RIT Croatia professors and students presented at 58th International Symposium ELMAR-2016

58th International Symposium ELMAR-2016 took place in Zadar from September 13-15, 2016. 
Dr. Iva Bačić and Dr. Staša Puškarić, together with IT students Mateo Sokač and Patrik Đurasek, presented a paper on the third day of symposium on the topic of "CROATIA UAV Application in Ecology: Data Collecting with Quad-Copter Equipped with Arduino based Measurement Platform”.
The paper deals with a user designed quad-copter. The payload of the quad-copter contains a platform to collect information while flying. In this paper, a measurement system for air monitoring is presented. For this purpose, a four rotor copter is designed and built. The central body of the quad-copter carries a payload with adequate sensors to monitor the level of O2 and CO2. A main board, as part of the payload to operate the measurement equipment, is Arduino based. A wireless link, operating at f = 433 MHz is present to establish communication between the quad-copter and the ground station; to send mission and flight change information from the ground station to the quad-copter and to receive measurement results. An onboard GPS system allows a flight mission recalculation during flight time. Preliminary measurement results are presented. The setup as described in this paper presents an affordable, precise, fast, and accurate quad-copter based platform equipped with sensors to collect data while flying. 
„I wanted to have my own data about the air quality in a certain area and came up with the idea of designing the vehicle to collect it for me", said Dr. Puškarić. The Rit Croatia Robotics Club president Mateo Sokac and vice-president Patrik Durasek, along with dr. Bačić as their mentor, got involved into this as they were familiar with the Arduino platform and sensors to collect data. „The students did most of the work. My part was really only mentoring them in the process", commented dr. Bačić. 
Read more about the symposium at: https://www.elmar-zadar.org/2016/

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