RIT Croatia team won the first regional L'Oreal Adria Balkan Brandstorm Finals

Tamara Novak, Daren Perinčić and Mislav Mesek, students at the International Business program on our Zagreb campus, will present L'Oreal Adria Balkan on International Brandstorm competition, scheduled for 30th of June 2016 in Paris as the best team that won the first regional finals on May 11th, 2016!

The team prepared for more than two months and all of the hard work payed off as they will be competing with 54 countries from all over the world in the final stage of the competition.

Every team member had a specific role within a team, which made the whole process well organized and strong in terms of achieved goals and deadlines. "My role in the team was to make a consistent and state of the art marketing communication between La Roche Posay and the targeted customers. This includes what channels to be used, as well as some of the functionality of the application that was our main communication channel for the competition. To ensure consistency, I was in charge of collaborating with the marketing agency that was producing the marketing board for the presentation. In addition, I portrayed Pierre Pitt, a French boy that was in love with Camila, but was shy talking to her because of his dry skin problem”, said Mislav.

Tamara’s role was to be a female reasoning mediator among two gentlemen, Daren and Mislav. "In the presentation I had to represent Camilla Rodriguez, a female character that had skin issues and was in love with Pierre Pitt when she was an exchange student in Pariz, but couldn't talk with him because she was shy. I had to deliver the feelings of young females from 15-25 who are ashamed to be themselves because of different skin problems they are experiencing in puberty”, said Tamara.

When asked about the hardest part of the process, Mislav identified searching for a good strategy to reach their targeted customers as one of the biggest challenges, and added "Since marketing and technology are evolving hand in hand, finding how to reach the consumers in a relevant way is hard. I would say that this competition gave me the opportunity to show my knowledge from „Advertising" and „Internet Marketing" that I was learning at the time. I had also go beyond college knowledge, but put together everything I learned from my internships during my college education, as well as find other resources.”

This group of young, ambitious, talented people found out about the competition through Daren and being that they are all proactive individuals in many different areas of college life and professional development path, they quickly clicked into an effective team. "Because of our similar personalities and competitive spirit we were thrilled to see a new opportunity that seemed like a challenge that could be reached with hard work and will”, concluded Tamara.

Without a doubt, this team will continue to be successful in anything they do, and RIT Croatia is looking forward to support them in Paris!

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