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It is a World full of Wonders, & guess what, it is a never ending story. We may say Dubrovnik is one of them. Year after year it is changing its face, beauty & offer wise. Sound like an RIT project, right? An ambitious one, as well as it is a project Dubrovnik as great as it is hides many of them, and it is totally on us to discover it all. Well, is envisaged as one's travel companion as they'd like to say, but from RIT perspective it is a perfect live by guide. Nothing will remain secret and you will become a local in a blink of an eye. Where to dine & wine, what to do in your spare time . . . & these guys want you to do something so you are focused more while in class. The portal will deliver trustworthy insights, news, not only GoDubrovnik team but associate bloggers that are nationally and internationally recognized. This is not mere ambition, but responsibility to the readers and the City itself.

However what we are most content with is the fact that our Alumni's are involved in this. is a flag project with a growing trend within their target market as well as the social media. The sky is the limit, & under this sky of creativeness class 2005 & 2014 found their place. Foreseeing the need for it they boosted on Dubrovnik market, apart of, pallet of marketing plans that go hand in hand with global trends.What is marketing today?! Class 2005 representative, Nea, that is part of this team, says „...for sure not what I have practiced while my BA degree was all hot and steamed", and than she giggled .... saying „I'm so coming back to the RIT benches for my Master degree, the market is too fast, and more and more challenging every day". Tibor Pištalo, class 2014, just continued the race after his BA and is about to gain his Master in Leadership and Innovations. But to come back to marketing...well, it is about branding, creating the trends & not only following them. With responsibilities media comes in, and it is always tricky and challenging at the same time. Tibor Pištalo is Community Manager in Mint Media. "We all work long hours, but this is what I've studied for! Shuffling many clients, determining their goals, working hand in hand with my colleague Nea, who is Project Manager, and the rest of the team of great talented people, it is a pure pleasure, and we both can't get enough of it.Coming back to, I have to say it is my favorite. Information is everything & searching for new is not a task it is the road you take."

Stay tuned for the GAME!If you win (5 star vacation to Dubrovnik!!) be sure to come and visit us on our campus :)

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