Junior year students in Dubrovnik attending the CIRAZ 2016 conference

Junior year students of RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus were participating at the "CIRAZ 2016: Harnessing Innovation to Drive Economic Growth- The Ron Brown Legacy” conference, taking place on April 4, 2016., in the organization of Croatian Chamber of Economy and USA Embassy in Zagreb. 

After the welcome speeches of Mr. Luka Burilović, President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Mr. Nenad Vekarić, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, and Mr. Seward L. Jones, Executive Director, Europe and Euroasia, International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce, students enjoyed the speech of Mr. Tihomir Orešković, Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia. Mr. Oreskovic advised students that he was able to provide his employees with two things: resources for the success and education, but he could not provide them with the third important thing which is hunger. Mr. Orešković advised students to "stay hungry”, and his advice was inspired by Steve Jobs’s famous speech given at one Commencement ceremony.

RIT Croatia students were participating at two panel discussions. First one was "Boosting the Economic Growth through Competitiveness” with panelists: Tomislav Radoš, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Tomislav Panenić, Minister of Economy, PhD Vlatha Bilas, Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, Alen Premužak, Chairman of the Board, Dalekovod d.d. and Marinko Došen, Chairman of the Board, AD Plastik d.d.

The second panel was " The role of Innovations in Development of Small Economies” in which the following panelists were participating: Predrag Šustar, Minister of Science, Education and Sports, PhD Tome Antičić, Director, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Marija Rajaković, Ministry of Economy, Tin Viduka, Altpro d.o.o., Slobodan Rajić, Telecor Zagreb d.o.o. and Želimir Kramarić, Vice President of Croatian Chamber of Economy as moderator.

Junior year students of RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus were participating at the

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