Andrej Šarić and Đivo Jelić share details about their mobile app Peachy 

Andrej Šarić and Đivo Jelić, students enrolled at RIT Croatia’s Information Technology program in Dubrovnik have once again shown their creativity and forward thinking by winning second place at the fourth Startup Weekend in Dubrovnik during November 2015, organized by DURA development agency. 
Second place was won with an innovative mobile application called Peachy. "We first entered the competition with the idea of creating an interactive guide for Dubrovnik; after talking to mentors and others, we decided to change our approach to the term "guide” that we had in mind in order to give users more freedom in exploring Dubrovnik. The idea behind this project is to give users the ability to find things to do in Dubrovnik in a way that it gives them an already predefined plan of what and when to visit in Dubrovnik. Predefined plans are presented to the user in a way of a perfect day in Dubrovnik and there are multiple types of days for the user to choose from. Some examples would be Romantic Day, Game of Thrones Day, Adventure Day, Historical Day, etc. Each one of these days would have different offers and routes around Dubrovnik so that user can get full the experience of that day,” says Andrej.
 It is exciting to see a team of young successful students from Dubrovnik who are a part of the increasing global trend of start-ups making a huge impact on the business environment. This whole creative process is obviously very motivating for them as well. "We are very happy with this achievement because it showed us that this idea has the potential to grow if we develop it properly. Since all of this happened right before finals week at the college we didn’t have much time to work on this project. We are currently still in the research phase and plan to start the development in the next few months,” says Andrej,  continuing, "Studying at RIT Croatia helped us greatly because for all of this we needed great organizational skills, since we were taking on multiple projects and going to classes at the same time. Working in teams at the college helped us in dividing the work among us so that we can finish everything on time. There were also times when we needed someone to take the lead, and that is where our leadership skills came in handy. Programming classes that we took at the college helped us in learning the basics and provided the knowledge needed to tackle and work with any new technology.”
At the time of the Startup Weekend, Andrej and Đivo were also working on the"Dubrovnik Card App,” which is a mobile app for the existing concept of Dubrovnik Tourist Card. They finished the development of that app and released it a month ago, and they are currently working on the "Smart Parking Dubrovnik App,” which is an app that will make it easier for users to find parking around Dubrovnik. Andrej and Đivo plan to take on even more projects this year, as well as to keep on upgrading existing ones in order to provide users with a better experience.

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