RIT Croatia celebrated the European Day of Languages in Dubrovnik and Zagreb

The European Day of Languages was marked in Dubrovnik on Friday, September 25, 2015, with the manifestation taking place on Stradun.
Among many participants from schools and various associations, RIT Croatia was represented by a group of students who have staged an interesting sketch called "Just a regular day in a bar during a peak of the season "
The idea of the sketch was to portray the cultural differences among tourists of various nationalities and to showcase some of many languages that can be heard in Dubrovnik throughout the year. Matia Simon Čavar, Petra Kisić, Marlind Galiqi and Maris Miljas were students who acted as Italian tourists, Nikola Hot played a Russian visitor and Goran Antunović and Stijepo Kraljić Popović were Croatian waiters. Moreover, Ivan Obuljen and Petra Cvitanović acted as German tourists, Madison Cathy played an American guest, Mia Kun played a Hungarian guest and Michelle Rodriguez Stražičić was a Spanish tourist.
Students were mentored by foreign language professors Nikolina Božinović, Zrinka Friganović Sain and Barbara Perić.
Zagreb Campus participated in celebrating the European Day of Languages on Saturday, September 26th. The manifestation was organized by the European Commission, and our students Ante Kurtović, Nikolina Trcak, Matea Grbešić, Tina Kolić and Gabriela Galić were volunteering. Alexandar Kondulukov, our student who is a native speaker of Russian language, was moderating the Russian conversation table.   
"RIT Croatia students are always happy to participate in marking the European Day of Languages as they fully understand the importance of embracing foreign languages and cultural differences that are increasingly present in the global environment we live in. Moreover, it is an imperative for RIT Croatia students, who plan on developing their careers in a global business environment, to be exposed to languages and to understand other cultures, which will ultimately help them in achieving their personal and professional goals”, says Zrinka Friganović Sain.

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