Dr. Jasminka Samardžija published a new book - "HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT in Business Practice”

The promotion of the book "HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT in Business Practice” took place on Monday, September 14, 2015 at Check National Home in Zagreb. The book was authored by Dr. Jasminka Samardžija, a distinguished professor at RIT Croatia, along with Dr. Vladimir Obradović and Mr. Jakov Jandrić.

The purpose of the book is to thoroughly and systematically educate students of higher education institutions, managers and employees on the principles, theoretical and practical approaches, as well as efficient methods and procedures of human resources management. The topic of managing people, which is the most important resource of many businesses, needs to be additionally improved in everyday business practice from the ethical and humane point of view.

An interesting panel discussion was led at the book promotion, with the main conclusion that the future of human resources lies in early discovery and development of talents by nurturing the coaching culture. The coaching culture implements numerous discussions with employees on a yearly basis about their professional and personal development, in order to manage their work performance more efficiently.

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