RIT Cares initiative for Children’s Home Maslina, Dubrovnik

RIT Croatia’s Alumni, students, faculty and staff members joined forces in the RIT Cares initiative, which took place on Saturday, September 12 at Children’s Home Maslina, Dubrovnik.
Approximately 30 RIT Croatia volunteers participated in cleaning the environment around the home and socializing with 20 children who currently live there. Ms. Ilijana Stojanović, the director of the Children’s Home Maslina greeted the volunteers, followed by the President and Dean of RIT Croatia, Mr. Don Hudspeth. 
"We welcomed this initiative coming from RIT Croatia, as a continuance of our previous cooperation through volunteer work. I believe it is very important to demonstrate these kinds of actions to the children living in this facility. We teach them good work ethics and importance of team work, and it is important for them to see other people are also participating in cleaning actions, etc. Moreover, one of our former members actually enrolled at RIT Croatia with the help of donors, and he graduated and managed to establish himself both personally and professionally. It is important for our children to be exposed to positive examples, which help them in aiming higher in life, regardless of the family status during their childhood. It was a pleasure to cooperate with RIT Croatia and I am looking forward to our future encounters,” said Ms. Ilijana Stojanović, the director of Children’s Home Maslina, Dubrovnik.
A big thank you goes to all Alumni, students, faculty and staff members who supported the RIT Cares initiative! It was a perfect morning spent with wonderful kids in Dječji dom Maslina in Dubrovnik and we hope we made their day as much as they made ours!

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