This academic year our students have marked the holiday season with continuing the tradition of organizing two humanitarian auctions in which RIT Croatia students, faculty and staff participated.
Every year, the Student Government selects the recipients of the raised funds well in advance and then they organize both auctions in the first half of December. Items donated by RIT students, faculty and staff are auctioned off during the holiday season parties, where members of the RIT community gather and, in the true spirit of holidays, give their best to raise large amounts for a good cause.
This year, students at the Dubrovnik Campus raised 15,000.00 kn for Maro Cvjetović, a 21-year old who survived a tough car accident and is in need of financial means to continue with his rehabilitation. Students at the Zagreb Campus decided to help out the association „Kamenčići" (https://www.udruga-kamencici.hr/) in Šibensko-kninska županija, which provides support for people with mental disabilities. The auction in Zagreb raised 14,000.00 kn.
 As Toni Paskojević, the student in Dubrovnik who suggested we help out Maro Cvjetović, explained, „I have known Maro for a long time and I didn't doubt for a second when I suggested that we help him out. I think it is great that our college supports and encourages such initiatives, and enables us students to choose to whom we wish to help." Ivan Tabula, who is from Šibenik and studying at our Zagreb Campus, suggested the association in which he was also involved by helping out: „I was very pleased that my suggestion to help out the Kamenčići association was approved. I know what this means to them, and after spending the entire day with members of the association who were in Zagreb, many of my colleagues wish to continue volunteering. I feel lucky and proud." This worthy initiative of our students is just one of the many activities aimed towards helping others and contributing to the larger community, both in Dubrovnik and in Zagreb.

Happy Holidays!

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