RIT Croatia organized a panel discussion on the topic of „A New Definition of Luxury," with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and opinions about the trends within the travel and hospitality industries. This topic is extremely relevant to tourism development in Dubrovnik, Croatia, as well as to students of our International Hospitality and Service Management program.
The panel took place on November 26th in Dubrovnik and gathered over 60 participants who had the opportunity to find out more about creating new trends in the tourist offer.
The discussion was led on the topics of what the new definition of luxury really is, the importance of authenticity in promoting and generating stronger tourist and travel demand, as well as the influence of technology, and the panelists were Alan Mandić, founder and director of Secret Dalmatia, Zoran Pejović co-founder and executive director of Paradox Hospitality and Mark Thomas, honorary British consul in Dubrovnik as well as writer and consultant. The moderator of this panel discussion was Domagoj Nikolić, lecturer at RIT Croatia.

The discussion included up-to-date questions, including: in what way has the digital revolution influenced travel habits, whether authenticity is the new luxury, and how to participate in the development of unique values for the traveler. The basic conclusions from the panel discussion were the following:
  • Guests want experiences that generate memories.
  • The central part of our offer are people – authentic Croatian people who are able to provide guests with unique experiences.
  • The new definition of luxury includes non-material goods: experiences, emotions and interpersonal relationships.

„RIT Croatia has been in Dubrovnik for almost 20 years and we wish to contribute to the development of the town and the county through what we know best and that is the quality of knowledge. For this particular reason we have organized this panel on the topic of tourism, which is one of the key development focal points in the local community. I would like to thank the participants of this panel discussion for their excellent ideas and I believe this is just the first in line of many other expert discussions that will be of benefit to all – our students, Dubrovnik and the entire community." – says Domagoj Nikolić, moderator of this panel discussion.

„It was very interesting to listen to the opinions and experiences of the panelists, as well as to ask questions related to this important topic; I think that all students who were present at the panel discussion had the opportunity to learn more about the new trends within the travel and hospitality industry." – says Lorena Kevo, fourth year student of the International Hospitality and Service Management program at Dubrovnik campus.

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