RIT Croatia Tiger's tournament for a good cause

The first generation of RIT Croatia Tigers got together on November 15th in Dubrovnik for a basketball game which had a charity cause.

All the funds raised were donated to Perica Mijović- Dugi who unfortunately is not in the best health and financial situation. Perica Mijović- Dugi is a former professional basketball player who played for Cibona along with Aco Petrović, Sven Ušić, Andro Knego and others. Dugi contributed a great deal in forming the RIT Croatia Tigers team along with our Alumni. Thanks to his efforts, RIT Croatia Tigers had some great opportunities: games with KK Konavle, KK Croatia, KK Dubrovnik and universities in the region, as well as the opportunity to compete with B2 clubs in the county. Dugi also organized the first sponsorship "Delta Security” where our Tigers club received their jerseys and other basketball equipment, funds for hall payment, travel and judges. Overall, Dugi really contributed a lot, both financially (by securing sponsorships) and professionally (with his experience).

The basketball tournament played on November 15th consisted of three games:

• Current students (Basketball club) vs. Tigers (Alumni)- Result: Students won the game

• Current students (Basketball club) vs. RIT Croatia Faculty/Staff- Result: Students won the game

• RIT Croatia Faculty vs. Tigers (Alumni)- Result: Alumni won the game

The Alumni Team members who played were: Petar Boro, Antonio Jerić, Antonio Jerkunica, Toni Ljubetić, Marko Meker, Ivo Tomić and Duje Tudor.

The RIT Croatia faculty and staff members who played were: Don Hudspeth, Ambroz Čivljak and Mario Ljubišić.

The student basketball club members who played were: Dino Zanini, Gregor Ettinger, Gregory Đonlić, Dino Herak, Gjorgji Popov, Marko Vojnović, Nikola Jovanović, Mario Mijalić, Bruno Duje Penić and Katarina Popović.

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