EuroCHRiE 2014 in Dubai

Božo continues to keep us posted

Today’s presentations continued the focus of new trends, personal touch and functional futures. Ms Salwan Finj had a great presentation about her company LG, which is one of the major sponsors of this year’s conference. She explained all types  of future technology that  LG has access to but cannot share yet, because there is no content for it, and there is the price element to be determined. She did not mention can this technology be implemented in educational institutions, and this is the question that I asked on the panel discussion later on. Mr. Peter Starks analyzed revenue management and functional future in hospitality. Dr. Mabey’s presentation of cognitive illusion and setting price was especially interesting for me. He demonstrated some excellent examples of changes in tourist behavior.

Later afternoon, the student assistants and volunteers captured my attention. They are the students of Emirates Academy of Hospitality in Dubai, which was co-hosting the EuroChrie. They conducted them selves extremely professional and polite at all time, seeming like a true young business people. They were mostly like myself, senior year student. They gave a quick tour around their campus, which is quite big. On the other side, they have similar number of students per year like we do, and work in smaller sections, with very personal and customized approach. They are using the trimester system, have a mandatory co-op and have a high number of foreign students. I found their academy very similar to RIT Croatia, an amazing opportunity for young people all over the world.

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