Božo Bratičević reports on EuroCHRIE 2014 conference in Dubai

Once again I felt proud to be a part of the RIT Croatia family! Professor Walker, alongside professor Agusaj gave an outstanding presentation to the full auditorium. Their paper (co-written with prof. Kuznin too) was about new approaches for tourism entrepreneurship education for the future. This was the part of the day when the auditorium was full and the participants very engaged. The next presenter started by saying: After such a great presentation, the bar is set high and it will be difficult to keep up with it.
Going back to the beginning of the day, the opening greeting speeches from chairman of the world’s most renowned and respected hotel group – Jumeriah Hotels, Dr. John Fong, where his message was that the industry is growing, growing fast and it will not stop for a while with emphasis on people that are providing the service. This was followed by three extraordinary keynote speakers: David Rusell, Gauray Sinha and Steve Hood. They presented cutting edge trends in hospitality, elements such as software-based element simulation, customer profiling, consistent messaging and the future of hospitality products. During the presentations, they all mentioned the importance of employees; innovation and how educational institutions can make a difference. They seemed to understand the importance that education plays for the future of the industry.

RIT Croatia. Different from Day 1.

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