Winners of 2014 English Language Contest

English Language Contest, also known as "RIT Croatia's Star Search", is a competition our college has been organizing with the aim to award the best participants with valuable scholarships. Scholarships are nonrefundable and can only be used to enroll in undergraduate programs at RIT Croatia:  International Hospitality and Service Management (Dubrovnik), International Business(Zagreb), and Information Technology (Dubrovnik and Zagreb).  

This year’s ELC took place at both Dubrovnik and Zagreb campuses on Saturday, April 26 and these are the winners:
Dubrovnik campus:
1st place Mario Uroš – 7000 EUR
2nd place Jadranka Milovčić – 5000 EUR
3rd place Marko Rajnović – 4000 EUR
4th place Marin Jelić – 3000 EUR
5th place Filip Pandža – 2000 EUR

Zagreb campus:
1st place Leo Maksimilijan Bach – 7000 EUR
2nd place Ana Peh – 5000 EUR
3rd place Frane Bilić – 4000 EUR
4th place Zrinka Mrkonjić – 3000 EUR
5th place Helena Grahovac – 2000 EUR


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