Prof. Samardžija Discovers What It Takes to Be a Leader!
Wonder what do Janica Kostelic, Emil Tedeschi, Boris Vujcic, Vlado Krauthaker and Dimitrije Popovic have in common? They’re all in a very interesting book "100 Croatian Leaders” by our professor Jasminka Samardžija. In thinking about the internal qualities and outside factors that help people develop into true leaders, prof. Samardžija decided to conduct a very interesting research. By using life interviews as the research method, she sat down with some of Croatia’s most interesting public personas, actually 100 of them, and found out fascinating things about their own personal development. "100 Croatian Leaders” is a very good manual for anyone thinking about their professional development. We congratulate prof. Samardžija and invite you all to read the book! and learn more!

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