Celebrating the World Quality Day

RIT Croatias Junior students from the Dubrovnik campus, marked the WorldQuality Day as part of the Assessing Service Quality course. On Thursday, November the 14th, the students organized taking the Millennium photograph in the form of the letter Q (Quality), in front of the large Onofrio Fountain in Dubrovnik.

In addition to taking the photograph, the students organized many other activities, in which they demonstrated that cooperation is key to global success. They organized classic games such as photo racing, making personalized cakes, a treasure hunt and a dodgeball play, all in cooperation with two local elementary schools' students. There was also a competition, in which both Dubrovnik and Zagreb RIT Croatia's students participated.

The purpose of celebrating the World quality month is to promote the use of quality tools and methods of quality in all activities associated with the economy.

The month of November was declared a world quality month, the second Thursday in November was declared a World Day of quality, and the second week of November was declared the European Quality Week.

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