The 2013 IMRA International Conference organized by the International Management Research Academy (IMRA), London, United Kingdom in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - American College of Management & Technology (ACMT), Zagreb, Croatia, will take place during Thursday May 16 and Friday 17, 2013 at The Westin Zagreb.

Conference Theme: Management in an Interconnected World

The theme of the conference is "Management in an Interconnected World". The increasing penetration of technology in every sphere of life across the globe is changing the way we interact with individuals, institutions and the overall environment. For the first time in human history we are experiencing global trends occurring at breakneck speed. This has resulted in increasing interdependencies within trade environment, novel grass root innovations and networked knowledge transfer.

While we can observe significant homogeneity in these trends, management eco-systems will also need to evolve to integrate better with these changes. However, many organisations across the world still seem to be either complacent or ill-prepared for this interconnected economy. The aim of the
2013 IMRA International Conference is to offer a platform to debate and promote collaborations and connections between academic and corporate participants from different fields of management to facilitate learning among the participants to better manage this strategic window of opportunity.

Based on the success of the 2012 IMRA International Conference, we believe that IMRA will become a collaborative catalyst helping develop a multi-disciplinary dialogue among the participants.

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