For the first time ever, Foreign Languages Department announces with great pleasure the organisation of the traditional INTERNATIONAL DINNER in our campus in Zagreb! This event has been a traditional event already for 13 years and it will take place THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 25, AT 7 PM, at ACMT premises.

The plan is the following: the students learning foreign languages who like to cook will make their favorite dish (please note that you will NOT be cooking for a hundred people, but the dish will have to be prepared for an imaginary dinner of 5 of your friends!) and you should bring it to ACMT by 6:45 that day.

In the past years at the Dubrovnik campus, we had the pleasure to taste some delicious French, German, Italian and Spanish dishes, as well as other exquisite dishes from all over the world.

Last year our students made 40 dishes (!!!) and the students voted for their best dish and the most original dish.

Therefore, if:

1. you want to share with us your talent and cook for the event, make sure you leave your name and the name of the dish to your foreign language professor or to the foreign language coordinator, professor Nikolina Bozinovic.
2. you want to help organize the event, also come and give us your name and cell phone
3. you just want to come and eat (and enjoy yourself). In that case you DO need an invitation, you CANNOT enter and eat without one, therefore, ask for your invitation from your foreign language professor or from me.

Looking forward to see you there!

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