RIT/ACMT students,

If you are interested in the opportunity to study at Rochester Institute of Technology in the spring and/or summer quarter of 2012/13 and enjoy all the benefits as RIT students living and studying in the United States, we encourage you to apply for the Study at RIT opportunity.

Program Requirements are:
- Sophomore, junior or senior student status (note: juniors and seniors will be given priority)
- GPA at least 3.0
- Submission of the Application Form
- Submission of all required paperwork as described at the end of the Application Form (Recommendation form, essay, bank statement and copy of valid passport)

The application deadline is January 9, 2013.

All application documents must be submitted to RIT/ACMT Study Abroad Office in electronic version (scanned) at sa@acmt.hr. Original application documents need to be handed or mailed to Ms. Lana Buzuk (Dubrovnik Campus, Office 33).

We encourage you to take this opportunity to enrich your studying experience and to broaden your horizons.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the RIT/ACMT Study Abroad Office at sa@acmt.hr

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