8 minutes for 8 people panel was held at RIT/ACMT in Dubrovnik last Friday, November 23rd, and I must say I truly enjoyed it and seemed like participants did as well. Topics covered in the panel were related to the Tourism industry today and the challenges Alumni face in their everyday jobs.

We had representatives from major hotel groups, small individual hotels, major tour operators and marina executives, so it is safe to conclude that we covered many different angels of the same issues that professionals today are facing.

The main focus of these events is to allow Alumni to create some additional professional relationships, and I think, we succeeded to provide such an opportunity in Dubrovnik on Friday.

It seems like many shared the same concerns about communication, or the lack of, in the workplace, seasonality of work and complications of sourcing quality workforce. Many participants commented on bureaucracy in Croatia and how complex it is to start or do anything in the framework that currently exists.

It was a great panel with some powerful discussions, and in the words of Mirjana Sutic, one of the panelists: "It is always great to see the familiar faces, remember all the good times we had at ACMT but also feel that positive energy that is distinctive for ACMTers."

RIT/ACMT's next Alumni event will focus on the HR and Consulting industry and will be held in Zagreb. Stay tuned! More details to follow.

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